1.1.0 Bug report - .ICF file open/read broken

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1.1.0 Bug report - .ICF file open/read broken

Howard Marks



I’ve been a user of IOmeter for many years running tests for product reviews at publications from PC Magazine to NetworkComputing where I’ve been a contributing editor since 1998.  More recently I’ve been running a storage analyst firm and independent test lab


Like most people I’ve been using the 2006 stable release. However as storage systems have become more sophisticated the need for a version that can use different data patterns has been more apparent so  I’ve been trying to use 1.1.


In that effort I’ve discovered that the .ICF file save and open logic is broken.  If you simply save the default configuration that is created on IOmeter startup and then try to read the same file back you get a message “error restoring file. Version number earlier than 1998.01.05 or incorrectly formatted.”


The problem is clearly that the new 1.1.0 version saves the version as 1.1.0 but the .ICF file read module was never updated to deal with the version number format change.  If I replace the version line in the .ICF file with “Version 2006.07.27” from an older file it will read properly.


A bigger problem is that 1.1.0 cannot read .ICF files from 2006.07.27. I have spent MANY hours developing custom access specifications and do need to import them if 1.1.0 is to be useable at all. In the latest version on sourceforge when I import an .ICF created with an older version all the workers disappear from the GUI


Howard Marks

Chief Scientist

DeepStorage, LLC


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