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Hello iometer-list,

I want to perform an iometer-test in a fc-san. The Target is a raid5, and there are three initiators (windows 2003 server). Every Server is a manager with four workers in it.

Dynamo    Iometer/Dyn.  Dynamo
|-----| |-----| |-----|
| I 1 | | I 2 | | I 3 |
|-----| |-----| |-----|
   |   |   |
   |   |   |
   --------|FC Switch|------
                | RAID |

Every worker has the same target on the raid. Under the "Test Setup"-Tab  -> Cycle Options I choosed "Cycle Workers - ...". Run Time for each worker = 30 sec..

My problem is: In the status-bar iometer tolds me, that there are only 4 Workers. But it has to be 12!
Futhermore it seems as if iometer starts a cycle for every manager, that meens it starts the first workers of the three managers at the same time. However, I want to start with the first worker of the first manager, and it should end with the last worker of the third manager. Is this possible, any proposals?

Iometer-version: 2004.07.30 (windows installer)

Thank you.

Jawid Mahmoodzada

T-Systems International GmbH
Systems Integration
Engeneering Networks, Products & Services
Packet based carrier transport networks
Deutsche-Telekom-Allee 7, 64295 Darmstadt
Postfach , 64301 Darmstadt

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