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Don't see my disks

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I just downloaded iometer-1.1.0-win64.x86_64-bin and ran iometer.  I selected my PC under All Mangers and then Worker 1.  The Disk Targets tabs shows my C and D drive along with two Volumes names as "Volumn" followed by "{"hexstring"}".  All 4 of the entities have a yellow icon with a red slash through them.

The reason why I'm running this is to take a look at my NAS but I see no sign of it.

I have a mapped network drive, Y, that's mapped to a directory on my NAS.  It is not listed in Disk Targets but I can see it an access it through windows File Explorer.  Also, in the File Explorer, under "Network" I can see my NAS listed as RNAS-E6-8F-94.  I can access that too but there is nothing listed in Iometer's "Network Targets".

I am running Win10 on an x64 machine.