How to run N Test Passes on a Disk and AutoStop.

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How to run N Test Passes on a Disk and AutoStop.

James Woolliscroft



How do I get IOMeter to run a specific number of test passes and AutoStop.


For Example if I wish to run a 100% Sequential or 100% Random Read only or Write only test on a RAW Disk or RAW Partition, how do I ensure that the test runs N times and accesses each block N times.


I want the test to terminate automatically once the test criteria have been achieved.


I have limited time and a significant number of tests to run so I do not want to deliberately run each test for significant periods of time (hours) to determine what might be achieved in less time.


I will also be running separate tests with and without Caching activated where possible.


I have not been able to determine how to AutoStop IOMeter from documentation and other sources. As far as I can tell, IOMeter requires user intervention to stop a test.


I would also like to check on which version is the latest, Would this be Version 1.1 or Version 2006.07.27?




J Woolliscroft

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