IOMeter and SAN/FC

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IOMeter and SAN/FC

Hi all,

I am using IOMeter on Windows 2008 R2 64bit version and wondering if any of you have come across the issue that I am having right now.

I have a SAN disk hook up to this 2008 server using 8GBits QLogic Fibre Channel card (2-port 8GBits card). When I run IOMeter with 100% writes for disk worker, I notice that it only uses 1 port of the FC card instead of 2 so I only get half of the aggregate speed. However, when I do 100% read, it utilizes both ports of my FC card. I am wondering if this is by design that for write, IOMeter only use 1 port instead of dual port. Anybody see the samilar issue as I am?

I have another in house tool that I tested using the same config in windows 2008 R2 and was able to get traffic from both FC ports to the SAN disk that I have. My assumption right now is that IOMeter does not utilize all the FC ports available when it comes to writes. Please advice.