IOMeter vs FIO

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IOMeter vs FIO

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Thanks for adding me to the mailing list.
It is impossible to equate two benchmarks.
I am running IOMeter and trying to simulate an FIO

(1)Does the block size of IO Meter writes default to 4096? Any way to change it?

(2)I am unsure, most likely that IOMeter is now writing to "cached OS memory" waiting for "sync" to the disk or drive or volume.
Since the writing BW is not degrading after a while, I expect that IOMeter is directly sending data to volume, am I right? Any way to change this variable?

(3) I am assuming that IOMeter is using IO outstanding depth of 32 - since IOMeter is 200x release?

Also does the IOMeter write 0's only or 1's only? In my deduplication software at block level, I see that 99% is duplicates, what is the pattern of IOMeter data produced?