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IOmeter accuracy

hi @all,

testing iSCSI with datacore sanmeledoy with 30 gb lun mapped to a native windows server 2008 r2 sp1 (lun is not initialized on windows - its still a raw device).
using following access specs:

4 workers each worker doing all 7 specs 5 min long each with 1 Outstanding IOs with 4 kB blocksize.

first run result of s100r0w100r0:14200.97 total iops
second run result of s100r0w100r0: 16134.24 total iops

Are these values comparable? how much difference can be ? to say ist okay.
I mean if the first run result is 14200.97 total iops and the second 100000.00 total iops, than I would say something is wrong... but so....

cann anyone help, or tell my what difference is acceptable for the runs?
need help fast...

I am from germany, so dont wonder about my english skills