Porting Dynamo(IOMeter) to ARM platform

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Porting Dynamo(IOMeter) to ARM platform

vijay babu-4
Hi All,

I am new to IOMeter. I am porting Dynamo to arm platform say Pandaboard(OMAP4) and Nvidia's Tegera-2 board(CORTEX A9 dual core). Since arm cores does not provide with TSC registers, I got  problem on porting RDTSC function. I googled it and implemented many ways but getting unpredictable values in IOMeter result. I have implemented few methods say, reading cpu cyclecount register of C15 coprocessor register through kernel module and using kernel Jiffies through modules etc. Though Dynamo is running but results showing in Iometer is not consistent and getting some vague negative values. Can you please help me, in porting or any methods which resembles like RDTSC function for arm platform. Thanks in advance.

Thanks and Regards,

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