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Re: Iometer hangs/gets stuck at the end of the test

Mahendra Ladhe
     After debugging a more on the following hang/block issue, I found that
the call to WriteFile in function TargetDisk::Write in file IOTargetDisk.cpp is the one
which gets blocked for 7-8 minutes. After that it returns error code ERROR_IO_PENDING.

This blocking happens only when target disk is network mapped drive and not for local C: drive.
Any ideas/suggestions ?

Thank you,

From: Mahendra Ladhe <[hidden email]>
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Sent: Friday, 22 August 2014 10:31 AM
Subject: Iometer hangs/gets stuck at the end of the test

Iometer version : 1.1.0 (latest binaries as of 22nd August 2014 downloaded from
OS : Windows 7 Enterprise
Access specification : 512B; 75% Read; 0% random,NONE

The disk target is a network mapped drive.

When I run a test with aforementioned specification, at the end of the test, Iometer hangs for a couple of minutes.
After that it says test completed. But the only stat that is updated is "% CPU Utilization".

However, if I use an access specification which has 100% read and no write, then this issue is not seen.

I found that a similar issue was reported by someone in July 2013. 
But the reporter was running dynamo on a Linux machine. In my case, dynamo is running on Windows machine only.

I tried using a block size of 4 KB instead of 512 bytes as suggested by someone in aforementioned thread,
but that didn't help.

Could someone please suggest what could be going wrong ?

Thank you,

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