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Allen, Wayne
Hi Shamil,

Yes, we had an email exchange with Ben toward the middle part of last year regarding some changes (though he described them a bit different than you). We communicated to him that we were working on finalizing a release and would be able to get to it after that. Our release didn't end up happening (due to all of our actual day jobs) till November. We are currently in a release-candidate state with that release, so the work isn't completely done yet. What I'd propose we do here (haven't run past the other admins) is that we create a branch for the features for our next release and can get your stuff in there. This also makes it available to folks across the industry if they want to pull source out of SVN and build it on their own prior to us releasing an official build. I'll let the other admins chime in if they have concerns with that.

Could you explain your feature a bit more? Have you merged it with the latest trunk code in SVN? If not, that would be a good place to start for getting it checked in.



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My name is Shamil Sharief, the Technical Marketing
Specialist here at SandForce Inc. I believe one of my former
colleagues, Ben Englert, was in contact with the developers
of IOMeter, and I wanted to let you guys know that his torch
has been passed to me as of a bit ago.

>From what I understand, the current status of SandForce's
input is at a non-existent phase. I was wondering if it
would be possible for me to work with you and whoever else I
need to be in touch with regarding incorporating our changes in.

To recap, the change we've added is the ability to select
what file the tool uses as its data pattern. If it would be
possible for me to send you a copy of our source code, I
would appreciate it greatly.

I've sent an identical message to Daniel Scheibli. If
someone could get back to me regarding this process needed
to get this going, it'd be great. Alternatively, maybe get
me in touch with who can help me with this?

Thanks for all your help,
~Shamil Sharief

Technical Marketing Specialist
Direct: 408-864-0740
Cell: 408-410-9527
email: [hidden email]

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