windows 2012 iometer crash

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windows 2012 iometer crash


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IOmeter keeps crashing on a windows 2012 system I have. I am able to start the test without an issue when I don’t try to save the results. But when I try to save it, IOmeter creates the file and immediately crashes. I have another very similar system that is able to run just fine. I tried some of the usual things anyone might do. I have listed them below,


            Turn off UAC

            Run in admin mode

            Run in windows xp sp3 mode

            Reinstall in admin mode

Tried 2004 version of iometer

Tried saving in multiple locations

Tried command line method to start test


Tried few other things as well. You get the general idea. Anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve this ?




Karthikeyan Rajendran

Storage Development Senior Engineer

Dell | Enterprise SSD and HDD Advanced Engineering

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